NameDefault valueDescription
profileFalseoutput profile data
src_dirstarting point for directory listing
verboseFalseoperate verbosely
sxr_template/group/synopsis/local/share/synopsis-0.10/sxr-template.htmlhtml template to be used by the sxr.cgi script
titleSynopsis - Cross-Referencetitle to put into html header
url/sxr.cgithe base url to use for the sxr cgi
sxr_prefixNonepath prefix (directory) to contain sxr info
exclude[]TODO: define an exclusion mechanism (glob based ?)
stylesheet/group/synopsis/local/share/synopsis-0.10/html.cssstylesheet to be used
input[]input files to process
debugFalsegenerate debug traces
outputoutput file to save the ir to