NameDefault valueDescription
profileFalseoutput profile data
verboseFalseoperate verbosely
toc_in[]list of table of content files to use for symbol lookup
formatpsGenerate output in format "dot", "ps", "png", "svg", "gif", "map", "html"
show_aggregationFalseshow aggregation
prefixNonePrefix to strip from all class names
input[]input files to process
hide_operationsTruehide operations
layoutverticalDirection of graph
titleInheritance Graphthe title of the graph
hide_attributesTruehide attributes
base_urlNonebase url to use for generated links
bgcolorNonebackground color for nodes
debugFalsegenerate debug traces
outputoutput file to save the ir to
typeclasstype of graph (one of "file", "class", "single"